6 Months package

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​​​We will send the code between 1-8 hours after purchase, depending on the time of day you purchase.

To receive your code please log back in to AliExpress Account.

On the drop down list after signing in click on Message Centre, you will see a message waiting for you, click on the message and you will find your code.

Also you can leave your email address so we can send code to you.

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Please note as AliExpress only sells products and not services, it may appear at first that you are purchasing a product, in fact you are purchasing the MoreIPTV service, which you will receive in a couple of hours of purchase.

For a smooth purchase under the section  “Color” select the subscription you require, (if you are using a mobile device to purchase you may not at first see the different subscriptions, if this is the case just click on the word

“select” in the color section and you will see all the subscription options).

During the purchase you will be asked to open an AliExpress account, just requires your email address and a password of your choice and will be valid for future subscription purchases. 












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